The Finnish Bakery Federation

The Finnish Bakery Federation (FBF) was established in 1900 to represent the professional and economic interests of bakery proprietors and businesses. We engage in lobbying to improve the general operating conditions and status of the bakery industry, promote bread culture and cooperation between industry actors as well as look after the interests of our members in relation to employment contracts.

Bakery proprietors and organisations with legal capacity that engage in bakery activities can apply for regular membership in the Finnish Bakery Federation. Individual membership is open to former bakery proprietors, executives or accountable administrators of bakeries, people working in bakery-related research or teaching duties and other persons who work to promote the bakery industry.
The members of the Finnish Bakery Federation decide on its activities. The organisation chart's highest decision-making organ is the Annual General Meeting, where members get to exercise their power. The AGM elects a chair and a deputy chair for the Board of Directors. The other seven Board members are elected by the Council, which oversees the activities of the Finnish Bakery Federation and sets the operational guidelines to be followed. The chairpersons of the fourteen regional FBF chapters make up the Council.       

The Board of Directors is tasked with handling the Federation's day-to-day affairs. The Board also looks after the Federation's assets, oversees the activities of the central office and elects a managing director for the Finnish Bakery Federation. The managing director is in charge of the three-strong FBF central office, which is where he and the editor-in-chief of the Leipuri (Baker) magazine and secretary work. In practice, the managing director is responsible for organising and implementing the tasks that are designated by the administration. The FBF office is located in the Länsi-Pasila district of Helsinki.

The FBF publishes a magazine called Leipuri, which is Finland's only trade journal for the bakery industry. It was established in 1903. The content of Leipuri-magazine has been diverse: recipies, tecnology, ingredients, legislative questions and many other matters in the daily operation of the bakeries.There has also been many presentations and intevews of member companies in the magazine.