The area of emphasis in the tasks assigned to the Finnish Bakery Federation has shifted somewhat during different eras, but the most important goal has always been to act to the benefit of its member companies. Even though the FBF is an employer organisation, it does not engage in collective bargaining negotiations in the capacity of an employer federation. Bakery employers are represented by the Finnish Food and Drink Industries' Federation ETL in these talks. The FBF lobbies the ETL to take best possible account of the bakery sector's needs and opinions in collective bargaining negotiations.

With regard to legislation, the Finnish Bakery Federation influences the authorities and the legislator, and tries to block the passing of regulations that are detrimental to the bakery industry. Advising member companies in questions related to employment relationships is an important function of the FBF, as is our counselling in relation to food legislation issues. The FBF and ETL have made a collaboration agreement, which ensures that FBF members can also access the advice services provided by ETL's labour market experts. Cooperation is facilitated by the fact that the offices of ETL and the FBF are next door to each other in the same building.     

The Finnish Bakery Federation organises domestic training events for its members as well as professional visits to international trade fairs. The status and visibility of the bakery industry is promoted by, among other things, participating in the activities of Leipätiedotus ry, an association that acts as a general information service for the bread industry, as well as by arranging the annual Bread Shop of the Year competition and a Finnish Championships event for bakery skills every few years. Each year, the FBF arranges the Rinkeli Grand Prix vocational skills competition for bakery students, in addition to regularly sending competitors to participate in international baker and pastry chef skills competitions. In addition to its magazine Leipuri, the Finnish Bakery Federation also publishes some textbooks for use in educational institutions in bakery-related fields.

The Finnish Bakery Federation maintains contact with its counterparts in other countries through the industry's international umbrella organisations. The FBF is a member of two organisations, the International Union of Bakers and Confectioners (UIBC) and the Confederation of National Bakery and Confectionery Organizations (CEBP) that mostly promote the interests of manual-labour-intensive bakeries and confectioneries. The FBF is also a member of the International Federation of Plant Bakeries (AIBI), which lobbies for industrial bakeries. The FBF's international activities also include participation in Nordic Meetings, which focus on cooperation between the bakery industries of Finland and Scandinavia.

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