Chairmen of the board

Anders Bondén (on the right) president of the board during the years 2004-2009 and Jari Elonen, president of the board from year 2010.

Chairmen of the Board of The Finnish Bakery Federation:

Karl Magnus Brondin (Brondinin Höyryleipomo)     1900–17
G. E. Lindberg (G.E. Lindberg Oy)                          1917–34
Alfred Pursiainen (T:mi Alfred Pursiainen)              1935–47
Tauno Väyrynen (Oy Primula Ab)                           1947–73
Jarl Lundström (Hildénin Leipomo Oy)                   1974–82
Kalevi Paakkinen (Leipomo K Paakkinen Oy)        1983–85
Juhani Enkovaara (Oy Eho Ab)                              1986–97
Kaj Boström (Boströms Bageri)                              1998–2003
Anders Bondén (Oy Ecce-Re Ab)                           2004–2009
Jari Elonen (Elonen Oy Leipomo)                           2010–2018
Kari Meltovaara (Leipomo Rosten Oy)                    2019-

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