Annual General Meeting

Bakers' Days in Kuopio 2006, gala dinner.

Bakers' Days are organised in conjunction with the Annual General Meeting of the Finnish Bakery Federation. Over the years and decades, this summertime get-together has grown into a significant social event that annually sees 400-600 industry professionals from different parts of the country gather under one roof. The gathering is split into an official and an unofficial part, with official matters being dealt with at the AGM.

The AGM and the summer event also offer lots of programme items for bakers and their families. The night of the AGM date has traditionally culminated in a gala dinner, as bakers have always appreciated good food and drink.  
The bakery industry has also been an active participant in the Bakers' Days. Since 1995, a trade exhibition has been arranged in which machinery and raw material suppliers for the bakery sector as well as other related cooperation partners have been eager to take part.

Bakers' Days is an event where the families of bakers can freely meet and get together. The strong attendance has enabled it to become a bakery industry happening with an exceptionally nationwide reach – it is fair to call it a unique social event for the industry – that has piqued the curiosity and admiration of corresponding bakery industry organisations of other countries.

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